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Vehicles, Transportation and Art Workshops Unit


The vision of the Machinery Unit is to build a distinct and integrated organization, characterized by harmony and effective coordination between all departments and units. This vision aims to create a work environment that encourages cooperation and positive interaction among employees, and to enhance the concept of one team that works in a spirit of belonging and continuous cooperation.
By achieving this vision, the Machinery Unit seeks to achieve the organization’s specific goals efficiently and effectively, by coordinating efforts and directing them towards strategic priorities. The Machinery Unit’s vision is based on sustainability and continuous development, as it seeks to improve its performance and enhance its capabilities in the field of coordination and cooperation.
This vision also aims to build strong and sustainable relationships with internal and external partners, whether customers or cooperation partners, to enhance mutual understanding and achieve integration in the processes and services provided.
In short, the vision of the Machinery Unit is to build a harmonious and integrated organization, characterized by effective cooperation and coordination, and seeks to achieve strategic goals in a sustainable and continuous manner, while maintaining the concept of coordination and cooperation as basic values in the work culture

The Message:

The mission of the Machinery Unit in universities usually relates to providing support and technical assistance to academic members and students in using technology in the educational and research process. Machinery unit tasks can include:

  • Providing technical support for hardware and software: ensuring that all computer hardware and software used at the university work properly, and providing technical support in the event of problems.
  • Developing and maintaining technological infrastructure: Working to develop and maintain computer networks, servers, and central systems, to ensure the continuity of technical services.
  • User training: Providing training courses and workshops for faculty members and students on how to use different technology in the educational and research process.
  • Data Protection and Security: Taking the necessary measures to protect university data and user privacy, and developing strategies to combat security threats.
  • Responding to technical needs: Meeting users’ technical needs, and providing support and guidance to solve technical problems they may encounter.
    In general, the Machinery Unit in universities aims to facilitate the use of technology and enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the educational and research process.


The Machinery Unit is considered a basic unit in any organization or system, whether in the governmental, private, or social sector. The Machinery Unit aims to ensure the harmony and balance of the various processes within the organization, and to ensure that the set goals are achieved efficiently and effectively. In this context, several objectives are identified that focus on maintaining coordination and enhancing the performance of the machinery unit, including:

  • Improving communication: The Machinery Unit works to enhance communication among the various departments of the organization, in order to exchange information and data effectively and smoothly, which enhances the overall coordination of operations.
  • Developing coordination procedures: Procedures and policies that aim to organize work and coordination between different departments are updated and developed, in order to ensure smooth operations and avoid distraction.
  • Providing training and development: Continuous training is provided to employees of the Machinery Unit to enhance coordination and cooperation skills between departments, and exchange experiences and knowledge.
  • Improving the use of technology: Technology is being used effectively to improve coordination processes, whether it is through the use of customer relationship management (CRM) systems or coworking platforms.
  • Promoting a culture of teamwork: The Machinery Unit team works to build a work culture that encourages cooperation and coordination between different departments, and motivates employees to participate effectively in achieving the organization’s goals.
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance: Periodic reviews of the performance of the Machinery Unit are conducted to evaluate the extent to which the set goals are achieved and ensure continuous performance improvement.
    In short, the Machinery Unit seeks to enhance coordination and cooperation within the organization through improving communication, developing procedures and training, using technology, promoting a culture of teamwork, and monitoring and evaluating performance, to successfully and effectively achieve set goals.