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Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations

The Division of Scholarships and Cultural Relations was established in 2016, and it is one of the administrative departments in the presidency of Al-Hamdaniya University. It is administratively linked to the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs. Since its establishment, the Scholarships Department has taken upon itself the responsibility of maintaining communication between Al-Hamdaniya University and the rest of the Iraqi, Arab and international universities, to represent a bridge of communication from it to the various universities by concluding many agreements and scientific twinning.
Over the past years, the department has been able to strive to make the university join the pace of scientific and cultural development by sending teaching staff to complete their studies in order to obtain a doctorate in various specializations.


The division aims to establish scientific foundations that promote development and advancement in the fields of science, knowledge, and the development of human energies, in order to keep pace with growing civilizations and flourishing sciences by holding various activities that would contribute to the development of various cadres at the university, which pours into the crucible of the university in particular and the crucible of higher education in general. A year to build a civilized Iraq prosperous with science and knowledge.
The division also aims to consolidate the foundations of culture, education, and continuous exchange with Arab and international countries, allowing the department to attract and disseminate various academic and cultural fields, and to motivate members of Al-Hamdaniya University to learn about its developments and benefit from them. The division aims to provide the best educational opportunities outside Iraq and conclude agreements with various universities on a solid scientific basis, in addition to participating in global scientific activities.

Functional Tasks:

  • Receiving the books and circulars received from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations through the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, referring them to the relevant division and following up on their implementation.
  • Follow up on the nomination of associates to participate in training courses, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. through coordination with the deans of the colleges, obtaining the necessary approvals for their nomination, and completing the administrative procedures for their enrollment in the various events.
  • Unifying the nomination of associates who wish to complete obtaining higher degrees outside Iraq and presenting them to the graduate studies committee at the university and following them up until they complete their studies and obtain the certificate.
  • Preparing, following up and implementing memorandums of understanding between the university and Arab and foreign universities and organizations.
  • Coordinating with external parties implementing memorandums of understanding and following up on the implementation of their programs.
  • Following up on the activities of Arab and international unions and organizations of which the university is a member or with which it is associated with memorandums of scientific cooperation and implementing those activities.
  • Participation in a number of committees inside and outside the university.