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Artistic and Cultural Activities Division

The Student Activities Department – Artistic and Cultural Activities Division prepares students to create, practice, and study the arts in a context that emphasizes cultural diversity, community participation, and technical innovation through the provision of performances and exhibitions. It seeks to deepen understanding of different arts and cultures, expand the scope of artistic taste among participants, and enrich the quality of life at the university, in our community, our state, our nation and the world.

The Message:
The division’s mission lies in spreading artistic and literary sophistication and revitalizing the Iraqi people by creating a revolution in which the wills of those in charge of the creative artistic process come together with the aim of directing a society that has lived for a period of time in the darkness of backwardness, ignorance and illiteracy, which requires shaking off the dust of that legacy and moving towards a new world that restores confidence to society in restoring its pioneering and civilizational role, especially in Mosul Governorate, whose land witnessed the highest and most beautiful civilizations and produced the best scholars, writers, artists, politicians and athletes. In order to move the scientific wheel in this division according to what is available to it, we have decided that the outputs of this institution should be in spreading the academically framed artistic culture in a way that makes it effective and influential and holds its true pioneering role in mobilizing enthusiasm and determination and developing artistic taste to build our dear province.


The artistic division aims at:

  • Promoting the scientific artistic movement and scientific research to the highest level for all those wishing to be competent within the requirements of development plans.
  • Meeting the needs of Iraqi ministries and other sectors with artistic personnel and teaching staff for the various specializations of the Artistic and Cultural Division, including:
    • Preparing university teachers, scholars and thinkers in the field of arts.
    • Preparing specialized artistic personnel in the field of painting, sculpture, pottery, interior design, print design, industrial design, textile design, radio and television, cinematic arts, Arabic calligraphy and decoration, musical arts, theatrical arts, represented by theatrical acting, theatrical directing, and theatrical techniques.
  • Preparing specialists in the field of arts in general so that the duration, conditions and content of study are consistent with the needs of society.
  • Contributing to creating a general environment for artistic culture in a manner consistent with social and moral values and preserving original values within the framework of a cohesive society.
  • Emphasizing the impact of art as a revolutionary tool in building society and developing scientific trends using critical artistic thinking and using it to address societal issues and problems.
  • Providing artistic, literary, scientific and material means in art and artistic education to achieve aspects of creativity and innovation.
  • Ensuring guidance for students and making the best choice for their scientific, technical, and professional activities and specializations, and providing them with the necessary experience, and preparation and training elements.
  • Accustoming the student to considering scientific methods in dealing with dilemmas, solving problems, and confronting life’s situations and challenges.
  • Creating a balanced, integrated personality for the student (in thought and behavior), developing various activities, and spreading the spirit of innovation, creativity, innovation, and initiative.
  • Providing direct scientific and technical services and consultations to state departments and society.
  • Supporting civil society organizations, associations, unions, and scientific and technical unions, encouraging them and providing ways to improving and develop them.