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Sports and Scouting Activities Division

It is the division responsible for managing and organizing sports and scouting activities at the university. The division organizes and manages all aspects of sports and scouting activities, including sports tournaments, competitions, and internal and external scouting camps, in accordance with the objectives and the ministerial and university curricula.

Trying to attract students to participate in sports and scouting festivals and tournaments, in line with the university’s vision, seeking leadership and excellence at the level of Iraqi universities.

The Message:
Refining the scouting talents of students athletically and encourage students to participate in sports and scouting tournaments and festivals, provide the best sports, training and advisory services with a scientific methodology, and contribute to qualifying students to participate in sports and scouting events, by keeping up with sports developments.


The Sports and Scouting Activities Division seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • Enhancing cooperation among university students.
  • Generalizing sports and scouting activities to include the largest possible number of university students.
  • Fulfilling the desires of university students to engage in sports and scouting activities.
  • Building a generation of athletes with high morals and exemplary behavior.
  • Developing students’ talents, refining them, and directing them to fill their free time in a positive and beneficial way.
  • Building bridges of good relations with the local community by organizing sporting and scouting activities and events on the university’s stadiums and squares.
  • Establishing good relationships among students, teaching staff members, and employees at the university by involving them in unified sports activities.
  • Raising the skill level of the university’s sports teams through training units in various games.
  • Follow up on the progress of the university’s sports and scouting tournaments (as part of its internal activities) and determine the committees supervising these tournaments.
  • Submitting reports on the results of sports and scouting activities and preparing them for the purpose of being approved in the evaluation system for student activities departments in universities.
  • Participation in external scouting activities prepared by the Ministry as part of the annual curriculum.
  • Forming committees to follow up on the implementation of the scouting activities curriculum.
  • Preparing scout teams (rangers and guides) to participate in internal and external scouting activities.

Division’s official email: