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Student Affairs and Legalization Department

The Department of Student Affairs is one of the departments of the university presidency linked to the Office of the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs. It is one of the important and vital departments by announcing the results of the central admission every academic year and distributing them to the university’s colleges and everything related to their affairs starting from its admission to the college through the registration stage and ensuring the safety of student admission based on To instructions and controls and until the student graduates, obtaining a document certified by the university and communicating with the Ministry to answer official communications received by the university about student affairs

The work in the department is focused on completing and implementing the orders and directives issued by the ministry and the university presidency in the field of student affairs and graduates, initial studies and the adoption of modern technology to ensure the student’s right to obtain information at the appropriate time

The Student Affairs and Registration Department was found to serve students and meet their legitimate requests that were guaranteed by the approved instructions and laws from issuing university orders to graduate for each academic year. Follow-up of the work of the registration people in all colleges of the university to accomplish the tasks assigned to them and a statement of validity of the issuance of documents issued by the university and legal dealings with counterfeiters for study documents and follow-up to the work of exam committees To maintain scientific sobriety and provide statistics on students’ position and final exams to the Ministry.

Prof. Dr   Khazaal Yassin Mustafa
Director of the Student Affairs and Legalization Department