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Scientific Division:


  • Planned, completed and published research plan.
  • Follow up and document the published research for the teaching of our university in international aids such as Scopus and Clarivate.
  • Following up the honoring of researchers from our university.
  • Preparing studies that develop the process of scientific publication at the university.
  • Organizing workshops and seminars to develop the research facts of our university teaching.
  • The Central Scientific Plan for Conferences, Seminars and Workshops for each year and its promotion within the program of my seminar.
  • Coordination of scientific activities (conferences, seminars and workshops) with other ministries or other bodies.
  • Uploading the data to the Ministry for the purpose of including them in the activities of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
  • Documenting the awards within Iraq and the mechanism for honoring them.
  • Preparing studies, proposals, statements of opinion and giving necessary recommendations.
  • Following up the issuance of scientific journals in the university faculties and centers.
  • Supervising the formation of editorial bodies and advisory bodies for scientific fields at our university.
  • Decisions of the Ministerial Committee for the Evaluation of Scientific Journals and the follow-up of their implementation by the faculties.
  • Follow-up to the raising of scientific fields in the site of the Iraqi academic fields and the site of the university.
  • Following up the roadmap plan to enter the university fields within the global aids.
  • Formation of the Central Scientific Committee of the Clerks and Clerks of the University.
  • Implementing the mechanism of accreditation of scientific fields.
  • Gifts and exchange of publications.