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Postgraduate studies department

The Department of Graduate Studies is one of the most vital departments of the University Presidency since the establishment of the University, and its importance became apparent when the Master’s degree was introduced in the Department of Arabic Language as well as the Department of History in the College of Education in the year 2020-2021.


Excellence in the quality of postgraduate programs and scientific research to serve the community and the completion of all postgraduate studies, as the Postgraduate Studies Department represents the link between the colleges and the Ministry in everything related to postgraduate subjects to advance the level of postgraduate studies in a way that serves the university and raises its scientific level.

The Message:

  • Providing educational and research services in graduate programs that comply with academic accreditation requirements to prepare highly qualified graduates capable of competing in the labor market and contributing to the development and service of society.
  • Covering departments with official books that include instructions for graduate studies and books directed by the Ministry.


  • Expansion and diversity in specific programs for postgraduate studies.
  • Providing the community with distinguished research production and harnessing it to serve the community.
  • Preparing faculty members and researchers required by the higher education and scientific research sector.
  • Preparing plans and programs for postgraduate studies that keep pace with contemporary scientific and technical developments and developing them on a permanent and continuous basis.
  • Working to link graduate programs with comprehensive sustainable development plans.
  • Linking the university to society through studying its issues.