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Department of Media and Government Communication

The media is the most attractive and influential tool than others in the developed world we live in, the technological development is accelerating scary, terrible, to the extent that the new technologies, and the discovered sciences are breeding at a record time that is difficult to control leadership, as long as the human mind, in constant innovation, is unlimited, and is driven by the curiosity of competition, and the pleasure of discovery to innovate more. out of control, profit, or monopoly and domination. All of this depends on the power of the media and its influence on the fragmented world, and the possibility of spreading information less than a fraction of a second to all parts of the world, until the world became a small tablet, and the village became a relatively large society, not to mention the role of the media in resolving many battles in various areas of growing human conflict. It is therefore imperative that all governments, academic, commercial and service institutions have a comprehensive media network; To be able to convey its message to its citizens, and gain their credibility, the media has become a woman who reflects the bright face of the institution and promotes it, and the stronger its tools, the greater its efficiency, and the institution imposed its dominance in the field of specialization in the competitive space, and thus was able to achieve its objectives on the widest scale.

Accordingly, the Department of Media and Public Relations at Hamdaniya University was keen to give the media tool great importance, through:

  • Achieve high quality communication with the community through their official websites with distinctive competence.
  • Use scientific and social media to the maximum extent possible.
  • Organize various festivals, conferences and seminars, and cover them professionally and ably.
  • Issuing a number of publications and organizing support campaigns that contribute to the development of national awareness.
  • Issuing brochures and brochures for the celebrations and conferences at which they are held.

We continue to follow our message.