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Central Library

The Central Library was established at the University of Al-Hamdaniya on October 1, 2018, by assigning Assistant Professor Dr. Lubna Riyadh Abdul-Majid to hold the position of the Central Library Secretary. Since that date, the tireless work has begun to develop the first core of the Central Library through the contributions of the teachers of Al-Hamdaniya University who have gifted their scientific achievements whether as books or scientific research, as well as contributing masters and doctoral dissertations, which were the first pillar of the library support.

In addition, the Iraqi universities, especially the University of Mosul, were contacted to provide the central library with books, periodicals, master’s theses and doctoral thesis. In response, the University of Mosul donated many books in various disciplines and at many stages, as well as the University of Diyala and the University of Basra. We do not forget the role of civil society organizations who donated many books of all kinds and varieties that contributed to building and revitalizing the central library. In addition, many Arab publishing houses dedicated a variety of books at the thirteenth Erbil International Fair held in October 2018.      After all these contributions and support, the number of books has now reached approximately (1000). As for electronic books, their number exceeded (3000). These books contributed to enriching the library, and the central library became available to meet the needs of students and teachers of the books necessary to support the scientific process and the tireless contribution to the continuation of the scientific research of the university.

Prof. Anis Behnam Naoum
Central Librarian