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Central Library

The Central Library at Hamdaniya University is a scientific edifice, and a section of its departments, it is a scientific and cultural institution concerned with serving the community in all its categories; Researchers, professors and students; By providing them with what they need from paper and electronic information sources as well as audio and visual materials, and facilitating their use and use, and the Central Library is linked to the President of Hamdaniya University directly, and was established in (1/10/2018) at the site of the University President .


  • The constant quest to make the library a renewable , inclusive repository of all fields of knowledge.
  • Provide the libraries of colleges, institutes and research centers, and provide them with the resources and scientific references they need, and on a continuous basis .
  • Facilitate information services for all researchers, and enable them to access the required information accurately and easily .
  • Continuous efforts to collect as many sources and references as possible in all scientific and humanitarian disciplines.

The Message:

Working diligently to secure the necessary information services; For the sustainability of the process of education and scientific research distinguished through the library’s information sources in various forms and types, to serve the community in all categories, especially that the library is working to adopt an integrated automated system to manage it (Koha system) in order to keep pace with the Iraqi, Arab and international university libraries for modern and advanced technologies globally, to achieve the desired scientific progress in the achievement of solid academic scientific research contribute to raising the level of knowledge and developing the capabilities possessed by the faculty members in the faculties of the university, to participate in all scientific forums, especially conferences, seminars and courses through the acquisition of various information vessels, and coordination, to facilitate their use in front of the beneficiaries of the university and others .


  • Providing comprehensive sources and references for all fields of knowledge in various subjects and types according to the standards and specifications of the approved knowledge quality in order to ensure the scientific needs of all researchers.
  • Finding multiple sources of funding; To achieve a lasting financial future, the library is supported, and enhances its ability to establish various knowledge projects.
  • The library management aims to enter into the global library rankings and obtain internationally accredited academic credits.
  • Use of distinguished electronic systems in all administrative and scientific processes; To keep up with the world’s technological progress.
  • To strive to build bridges of communication and partnership with Arab and international universities in order to achieve progress in providing the desired scientific knowledge services .

Work Plan:

  • A central committee was formed for the purpose of following up the progress of work within the university libraries .
  • A joint cooperation agreement has been concluded between the Secretary of the Central Library at our university and the Secretary of the Central Library at the Northern Technical University to develop and enhance joint work to serve both parties .
  • Work to transform the library management system into an electronic system .
  • Establishing a schedule of courses scheduled to be held during the year by the Central Library and in cooperation with the Center for continuing Education at the University aimed at developing the skills of the library staff as a stage or by working on the basics of the classification of Dewey decimal in addition to developing the skills of students in the field of citation and documentation for various sources .
  • Enabling the library staff of classification skills in addition to developing the objective and descriptive indexing skills through the holding of letters of cooperation with the Secretariat of the Central Library at the University of Mosul.

Library Forms:

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