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University of Al-Hamdaniya


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About our university

The University of Al-Hamdaniya was established on 23/3/2014 in Nineveh Plains, Al-Hamdaniya district, east of Mosul. It started as an affiliate of the University of Mosul in 2011 to book a place later among the Iraqi universities. The University of Al-Hamdaniya consists of two colleges: College of Education including the departments of Arabic Language, History, Geography, Psychology, Physical Education & Sports Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and the College of Administration and Economics including the departments of Business Administration and Accounting.  Read more

Prof. Dr. Aqil Yahya Al-Araji

University President

University News

University Colleges 

The College of Education looks forward to having a footprint among other corresponding colleges in Iraqi and Arab universities and to be the leader in the field of preparing teaching staff and educational leaders. This is to be done by approaching the optimum performance and improving productivity and effectiveness according to the available resources. The college is committed to implement the requirements of pioneering staff that are reliable for the building of promising generations for a brighter and more beautiful Iraq.

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It is one of the first colleges at the University, which was initially formed by two departments: Accounting and Business Administration and related to Mosul University at Al- Hamdaniya District in 2011. With constant efforts, it became an independent college at the end of 2015 according to the ministerial order No. S / 4/4/4263 dated in 22/12/2015.
The college is concerned to cope with the scientific development in different specializations, and it seeks to provide its services to society by providing its institutions with specialized outputs in the fields of accounting and business administration taking into account the nature and privacy of the place and the environment in which the university is located.

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University Vision and Mission


The University is a newly established one which seeks to be a source of knowledge and a productive research center at the local and international levels.


The newly- established Al-Hamdaniya University believes that the great civilizations that arose on the land of Mesopotamia that supplied humanity with its endless gift are the product of the creative thought of the Iraqi individual for ages. Therefore, Al-Hamdaniya University devotes most of its attention to achieving sustainable development for the sake of the human beings through knowledge, research and development. The University of Al-Hamdaniya believes that the tools for scientific advancement are represented in a creative environment, highly qualified teaching staff, and modern theoretical and applied curricula that cope with the movement of openness and the scientific, technical and economic development.

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General Info.

Public Iraqi University

Founded: 23/2/2014

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Research Centers

Constant Education

The Department of Constant Education is one of the vital departments that meets the need of the teaching, technical, and the staff service at the university with the experimental courses offered to them to develop their performance in accordance with modern scientific and technological progress, as it contributes to studying the needs of the required skills to guarantee the quality of performance in the teaching and service process and to measure the need of the staff for specialized and technical courses that support the development process.
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Computer Department

The idea of establishing a department of computer at the University is very essential for the purpose of providing services in computer and communications technology. The Department of computer was created in 2019 to provide the university with expertises in the field of software, training, Internet, and computer maintenance. The department has major goals that include innovation and excellence in institutional information solutions for the education sector, high efficiency in project completion, localization of advanced scientific and practical experiences in e-governance solutions.

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Laser and Photonics Center

The Laser and Photonics Center is a specialized research institution related to the presidency of the university to the different requirements and needs in the modern scientific fields with regard to laser and photonics and its applications. The center was established in July 2019 in two divisions, the laser and spectra division, and the sensor and Nano photonics division. The center aims at conducting researches and studies in the field of laser and photonics technology and its applications to develop the university scientific programs and its local, national and global projects.

Postgraduate Studies

Department of History

The opening of the degree of master in modern history is of great importance to our university, as it meets the urgent need to expand the scientific base of the department and university and provide it with scientific qualifications, and to provide the space for employees and graduates of Al-Hamdaniya University and other universities to complete their higher studies, especially those who reside in nearby areas to the university location.

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Department of Arabic Language

Postgraduate studies at the department of Arabic Language at the College of Education is newly established according to the Ministerial Order No. (BT5/377) on 16/1/2020 to grant the degree of Master in Arabic language and literature. It seeks to improve the quality of programs and researches for graduates in accordance with the policy of the department and college and their educational and scientific mission. This will definitely contributes to the service of the society and the educational field and the preparation of an efficient generation with high academic degrees.

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Research centers


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