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Technology Incubators and Ecosystem Unit


To be a leading business incubator in transforming the entrepreneurial ideas of entrepreneurs in the university for all sectors into real projects that enhance the national economy and contribute to the sustainable development of the national economy.

The Message:
Develop and crystallize entrepreneurial ideas by providing a package of services and ways to support entrepreneurs and launch strong startups capable of surviving and developing to meet the needs of society.


  • Providing a positive environment to embrace the creative ideas and pioneering works of the university owners and nurturing the incubated ideas until they become a reality.
  • Protecting the owners of entrepreneurial ideas by introducing them to ways to protect property, intellectual property and patents.
  • Preparing the owners of entrepreneurial ideas for the various administrative tasks necessary for success in managing and marketing their projects.
  • Providing the basic infrastructure necessary to start entrepreneurial projects.
  • Assisting in securing the initial funding necessary to launch entrepreneurial projects.
  • Helping to secure the necessary funding for the expansion of entrepreneurial projects by linking with interested investors.
  • Following up on projects after their exit from the incubator and providing the necessary advice to ensure their continued success.
  • Attracting young people with creative initiatives and ideas and forming an official umbrella for youth initiatives.
  • Empowering the owners of the university and its students from the owners of initiatives and studying the idea presented by the entrepreneur and helping them to develop it and apply it in the best way.
  • Spreading the culture of entrepreneurship, self-employment and cognitive creativity by all available means between the owners of the university and its students so that creativity and innovation become a language for dialogue and a method of work and production at the university.
  • Paying attention to the knowledge economy by focusing on new areas in education and training and keeping pace with the rapid development of various branches of knowledge.
  • Establishing local and international partnerships with prestigious local and international scientific and technical institutions and centers and benefiting from them in scientific and applied aspects.
  • Building trust between the university, society and external institutions regarding the university’s programs based on the knowledge economy.
  • Working on linking new projects with the market.
  • Achieving a set of social goals, including contributing to the problem of unemployment.
  • Continuously evaluate the work of incubated projects in order to identify their weaknesses and try to avoid them.