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International Classification Unit

International classifications contribute significantly to the improvement of the international reputation of universities. International classification is also one of the most important reasons for academic development. The importance of classifications also lies in the fact that they are used by some Governments to guide higher education policy, as well as in the search of international partners by educational institutions.

More importantly, students use classifications to create an appropriate university of study, often because there are no other widespread standards. The importance of international university classifications lies in several important areas that need to be mentioned, from which our universities must benefit and from the experiences of some countries in guiding higher education according to the results of those global classifications.
Global classifications affect institutional decision-making. Twenty-seven per cent of the RSP study itself confirmed that university policies had been reviewed while 26 per cent confirmed that the focus had shifted to new job advantages rather than existing procedures, while 23 per cent indicated that significant changes had taken place in the promotion of scientific research areas and 21 per cent confirmed that recruitment and promotion criteria had changed significantly in their universities. It is in this spirit that our University of Hamadiyah has sought to take bold steps to change some of the existing measures to improve and develop work. The University has easily been able to engage in the Web Matrix classification and is still working on clear strategic visions that have ensured progress in global classifications such as Uni Renk and ongoing efforts to engage in other classifications such as QS and others.