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Salary and Records Division

The salary division is one of the divisions affiliated with the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department and linked to the office of the University Vice President for Administrative Affairs at the University Presidency. This division calculates the salaries and benefits of the university’s employees and teachers in all its formations: the University Presidency, its colleges and its centers. Our university’s salaries are organized centrally, and salaries are prepared monthly, with the inclusion of amending changes such as bonuses and promotions, calculating the certificate, changing the scientific title, and preparing a monthly list of pension contributions in accordance with the controls and instructions in force, in addition to maintaining subsidiary records related to salaries, addressing the Ministry of Finance to finance salaries, and coordinating with the Rafidain Bank to raise salaries monthly electronically in accordance with the salary localization system. The division also undertakes preparing a certificate of the last salary of employees and teachers transferred from the staff of our university to the staff of other universities or ministries, and calculating the accumulated vacation salaries due to those referred for retirement.