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Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance

It is the process of finding machines and procedures that are applied in a timely and appropriate manner to ensure that the desired quality will be achieved, regardless of how standards of that quality are determined. She also knew that it was the means to ensure that academic standards derived from the message of the body concerned were defined and met in accordance with the corresponding standards, whether nationally or globally. The quality of learning, research, and community participation opportunities was adequate and met the expectations of the beneficiaries.
The Department of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation and the associated units have been created with the development of the University of Hamdaniyah. The structure of the Department, as instructed by the Ministry, has special functions and is linked to Mr. Assistant Rector for Scientific Affairs, and is linked to this section by units for performance appraisal, support and technical training at the University and its colleges.