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Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division

Welcome to the website of the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division at the Presidency of Al-Hamdania University. The website works to provide support for students graduating from Al-Hamdania University in finding job opportunities through communication with the local official departments in Nineveh Governorate and departments affiliated to the central government in its ministry, government formations and private sector companies.

The Division supports the university’s commitment to quality standards in the education of its students. It also trains undergraduates and graduates on how to develop educational and professional goals, decision-making skills and job search strategies needed. The Division has the task of joint work between students and graduates, employers, faculty and staff with experts by providing advice by tapping into existing information The available resources, in addition to consolidating communication opportunities inside and outside the campus by various means.

University graduates will have the ability to clearly distinguish academic and professional goals as well as enhance decision-making capabilities up to the nominal goal of having a selective and competitive vision in achieving academic goals and in managing their career. The vision provides an overview of best practices in the field of career services for training and qualification Graduate student in higher education institutions.

Mr. Ahmed Azmi
Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division Director