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Activities Unit

Developing the scientific and administrative competence of the university’s employees and refining their skills in all cognitive, cultural and academic fields to raise the level of the university locally and internationally.
The Message:
The Activities Unit seeks to support the scientific, cultural and societal aspects of the university’s members by continuing to provide various activities that will raise the level of the university and refine the experiences of its members cognitively, administratively and socially. These activities include various workshops, purposeful scientific seminars, and training courses, in addition to conferences, cultural festivals, sports and artistic competitions, and many community services that are held in cooperation with various sectors of society.


  • Follow up on the implementation of training and educational activities and programmers.
  • Developing the competence of university employees in all educational, scientific and administrative fields.
  • Establishing various activities aimed at raising the university’s scientific integrity, such as holding conferences, managing discussion circles, and scientific meetings.
  • Providing workshops, seminars and training courses in order to refine the skills of administrative and teaching staff and improve their performance at work.
  • Activating the creative aspects and urging innovation and excellence by holding various cultural activities and sports and artistic competitions.
  • Contributing to community service and the public good by organizing various community activities such as volunteer campaigns and humanitarian initiatives.

Monthly follow-up of the university’s activities in all its formations and reviewing their completion rate.