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With great happiness, Iraqis, together with all peace lovers in the world, are awaiting the 5th of March 2021, the date of the visit of his holiness Pope Francis to the Republic of Iraq. On this occasion, University of Al-Hamdaniya expresses its great happiness for this auspicious visit to the cities of Iraq, starting with Baghdad, passing through the historic city of Ur to pray for peace in the land of Mesopotamia, and also visiting the honorable Najaf, meeting the Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, Arbaelo Castle, the city of Prophet Jonah, Mosul, and the town of Baghdeda, “the bride of the Nineveh Plain.”
Since the University of Al-Hamdaniya is a miniature of Iraq, it welcomes his Holiness with wreaths of flowers, saying that “We are all brothers” and together we spread the spirit of peaceful coexistence among the spectrum of the Iraqi people, out of faith in the dialogue of civilizations and coexistence, and working in the spirit of tolerance and love in the land of peace.