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Secretary of the University Council

The University Council Secretariat is an administrative division that is directly affiliated with the University president and is one of the important and sensitive positions that require its employees be characterized by honesty and confidentiality. It is concerned with obtaining approval for topics that fall outside the leverage of the President of the University, whether it is within the powers of the University Council or the powers of the Ministry. The Secretariat of the University Council undertakes to prepare the agenda of the meetings of the University Council, document the decisions of the Council, then draft the minutes of the meeting and send them to the Ministry for approval. They also circulates the decisions of the Council on the university departments and follows up the implementation of its paragraphs after obtaining the approval of the Ministry. In addition, the secretariat works on obtaining the university president’s approval of the college councils ’records, returning the authenticating minutes to the colleges, and following up the implementation of its provisions.