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Cultural Relations Division

The department developed a plan to structure the division, similar to other Iraqi universities, and its main duties are determined by the following:

I. Agreements: Follow up on agreements between the university and other universities and work to expand university relations By signing agreements  that inevitably lead to increased scientific cooperation between a university Hamdania, universities and scientific institutions, whether inside or outside Iraq.

II. Delegations: It is concerned with following up delegation requests outside and inside Iraq previously submitted Teachers and researchers who wish to participate in scientific conferences and symposium, as well as University orders for delegation and receipt of reports submitted by delegates after the end of their participation.

III. Seminars and conferences: Work to follow up on seminars and conferences held by scientific institutions inside and outside Iraq and is concerned with the circulation of these seminars and conferences to the university’s colleges, departments and research centers, and it promotes the participation of teachers and researchers in these seminars and facilitates their tasks in this regard.

IX. Translation. It specializes in translating, answering and preparing correspondence for incoming correspondence to the university in English Books and official letters issued from the department to universities and scientific institutions abroad Preparing texts of draft agreements  with Arab universities and business institutions .And international relations with which the university intends to establish cultural and scientific relations with it. Bioinformatics: Follow up on the website of the Department of Missions and Cultural Relations, update it periodically and download it . All other news and developments as you receive all emails received from the section of Various official and unofficial parties inside and outside Iraq, as well as sending messages to different Entities and circulating books on colleges through e-mail to ensure their rapid arrival.

Dr. Hilal Muhammad Jihad
Cultural Relations Officer