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Division of Budget and Records

The Budgets and Records Division is one of the most important units in the Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs, where it sets an annual financial plan and follows it monthly, and prepares an estimated budget to cover the salaries of the employees and all the requirements of the university, as shown:

First: The budget is set to manage all expenditures, financial movement, transfers, allocations, and all according to the tabulations and amounts allocated from the Ministry of Finance.

Second: The salaries through which all the entitlements are paid to the affiliates via the smart card and the addition of any change that occurs on the salaries, which include the promotions, bonuses and any other allocations.

Third: The records in which allocations and salaries are monitored, this is done month by month and conform to the electronic program.

Ahmed Jum’a Sultan
Officer of Budgets, Records and Salaries Division