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Division of scholars abroad

Vision and Aims:

It aims to organize the transactions of students sent abroad and submit them to the competent authorities at the university for approval.

Functional tasks:

First: Fellowships

  • Receiving fellowship books from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and circulating them to the colleges after informing and directing the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs about them.
  • Sending nominations for fellowships to the Ministry after reviewing the applications of the applicants and their fulfillment of the required instructions, controls and conditions, and they are discussed by a special committee for that purpose. Letters of no objection are granted to candidates.
  • Completing the necessary procedures for the candidates who have received the Ministry’s approval to be included in the fellowship and linking them to the necessary guarantees.
  • Following up on issuing university orders regarding inclusion and delegation to join the fellowship and opening a study file for them.
  • Continue the delegate’s studies until he obtains the certificate and returns to Iraq.
  • Follow up on granting the graduate within the time limit with letters of thanks and appreciation and a financial reward.

Second: Missions

  • Receiving the circulars received or announced by the Ministry on the official website (Internet) of the Ministry regarding nominations for scholarships announced by the Ministry, informing the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs about them, and then circulating them to the colleges and centers.
  • Receiving the applicants’ files, reviewing them and discussing them through the committee for granting academic leaves, scholarships and fellowships at the university and submitting them to the ministry. And issuing university orders regarding inclusion and delegation to join the scholarship.
  • Following up on the delegates’ studies until they obtain the certificate and return to Iraq.

Third: Study vacations outside Iraq

  • Receiving notices from the Ministry or announcing the application for study leaves through the Ministry’s website and notices to the colleges at the university.
  • Receiving the applicants’ nominations after discussing and studying them in the councils of the colleges to which the candidates belong and sending them to the university.
  • Nominations are reviewed and discussed by the University’s Study Leave Committee and after their approval and approval by the University President, they are sent to the Ministry to obtain approval.
  • Verifying the acceptance obtained by the candidate and ensuring the specialty he is nominated for according to the need of the college or center to which he is affiliated and the integrity of the university

Fourth: Missions of the Prime Minister

Applications for these scholarships are made by the associates directly, when an administrative order is issued by the Supreme Committee for Development and Education to include him in the scholarship, requesting that the recipients do not object to his department. A letter shall be submitted by the college or center stating the clear opinion of no objection to the candidate continuing his studies to obtain the required certificate, explaining the specialization. The Division issues the necessary university order to send him on a study mission.

Fifth: Research missions

Postgraduate students inside Iraq (Masters or Doctorate) who have completed the course stage and whose research requirements require conducting experiments for their research are entitled to do experiments for their research and there are no possibilities to complete them inside Iraq and require them to be conducted outside Iraq. Accordingly, the necessary approvals are obtained to send them outside Iraq to complete their research for specific periods and as approved by the Ministry