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Scientific Affairs Department

The Scientific Affairs Division represents the forum for the university’s scientific achievements in various fields and scientific achievements, including patents and the scientific publishing movement. It also includes following up on various scientific activities such as conferences, seminars, and workshops, in addition to many other diverse scientific aspects. Who is affiliated administratively to the departments managed by the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, and his work falls under his title, as he is concerned with the scientific affairs of the university.


Based on the vision and mission of Al-Hamdaniya University, the Scientific Affairs Division adopts a vision and mission to achieve the university’s goals of ensuring and paying attention to solid scientific research that meets the needs of society and encouraging various scientific activities to follow the movement of research and scientific publishing and develop the skills of researchers and many diverse scientific affairs. The Division of Scientific Affairs aspires to be a forum for the university’s intellectual products and a basic pillar in exploring and keeping pace with areas of cognitive development. It seeks to provide a research environment that supports distinguished scientific production, and to enrich and disseminate knowledge by developing the capabilities of teaching staff in the fields.


Promoting and consolidating the results of scientific research at the university, disseminating its ethics, and seeking to provide its material and moral requirements.

  • Promoting scientific communication, fostering distinguished relations with universities, research centers, various state institutions, and scientific and cultural societies, and developing cooperation with them.
  • Developing teaching staff by adopting constructive training programs for prestigious international universities and urging professors to devote full time in such universities to complete scientific research at a high level and transfer modern technology to our universities.
  • Encouraging and motivating teaching and research staff to raise the level of research work at the university.
  • Exploring areas of scientific and cognitive development, keeping pace with them, and developing the cognitive and research capabilities of teaching staff.
  • Sponsoring, encouraging and following up the university’s distinguished intellectual production, including writings, studies, patents and other distinguished scientific products.
  • Developing creative scientific activity at the university and documenting data in a unified manner for all the university’s scientific activities, including conferences, cinemas, workshops, and seminars, and following up and disseminating their results to ensure achieving the maximum possible benefit.
  • Follow up on the publications of scientific journals issued by the university’s various formations and work on strengthening them and elevating them to the ranks of their corresponding international journals.

Department Plans:

Department Annual Plan 2022 – 2023

  • The department seeks to be among its priorities for the annual plan 2022-2023 to follow up the colleges by implementing the plan submitted by them and adhering to it within the deadlines specified for it, and to dispense with exceptional activities except in cases of necessity and emergency developments in order to organize work in accordance with the ministerial plan.
  • The department seeks to continue directing letters of thanks and appreciation to the authors and researchers published in journals within the international containers by the President of the University for their scientific outputs and publishing them on the university website and the department’s website to be an incentive for them to provide the most.
  • The department suggests that there should be a financial reward for each research published in the containers Scopus and Clarvet within the first and second quarters, and for each patent in which the name of our university is in it, and for each book written in order to encourage the research teachers.
  • Holding a student research conference, which is one of the important and encouraging conferences for our dear students and to develop their skills in various fields. We suggest that the efforts of the first three winners of each axis be valued with material and moral gifts as a result of their efforts in this field.
  • Holding a workshop for the purpose of establishing scientific journals approved by the Ministry and then applying the paragraphs of the road map to enter the global containers.
  • A detailed guide to the scientific sabbatical program will be made to facilitate and simplify routine procedures. A workshop will be held on the mechanisms of scientific sabbatical and seeking to simplify procedures in order to encourage our teachers who wish to devote themselves to scientific sabbatical because of its good reality by raising their scientific level, reviewing international universities and publishing research in highly rated (discreet) journals.
  • Holding a workshop on scientific publishing and writing scientific research, especially for new teachers.
  • Holding a workshop on the government program to review the activities of the government program and seek to raise the activities of the university and pay attention to the activities and classify them according to the requirements of the Ministry.
  • Holding a workshop for college deans or their assistants to explain the mechanisms of scientific cooperation between international and local universities because of its great scientific impact on the university.
  • The National Classification of Research Centers, which is a proposal prepared by the Department of Scientific Affairs to develop a scientific mechanism according to the criteria followed to classify research centers at the university and ministry level. The criteria include the number of researchers and their scientific titles and the number of research output in global containers and the impact of that output in terms of the number of citations globally and others.
  • Financial support for researchers, which is an idea adopted by the university to provide financial support to researchers who want to apply for projects of interest to the university in various fields through an integrated system that is being worked on in the Department of Scientific Affairs.
  • The scientific conference for scholarship students and honoring the creators of them under the slogan of scholarship is a national wealth.
  • Concluding agreements and twinning with a number of universities and academic institutions to serve our university.
  • Spreading the culture of scientific research and in cooperation with the faculties and departments of the university to hold a number of seminars and courses to develop and disseminate this culture in our university.
  • Activating the website of the department as the website represents the front of the department in front of the world, so the current page of the department will be developed and updated to be a website that contains the most important activities and statistics of the department from publishing research, holding conferences and others.

Department Five-Year Plan 2023 – 2028

  • The department seeks to be among its priorities for the five-year plan 2023-2028 to have an electronic system to follow up the response of colleges according to the approved plan and to raise activities to the ministry in a specific time and a unified response for all colleges.
  • The department seeks to develop the skills of teachers and archive their activities by encouraging them to raise their various activities. Each head of department and dean has the authority to enter to follow up the raising of scientific activities of teaching and follow up its activities. The assistants of the university president and the university president can also enter to follow the activity of any college or any department or teaching.
  • The department seeks to follow up the university’s journals and submit proposals that will raise their level and enter the scientific containers.
  • The department seeks to follow up the conferences evaluated by the university and make them international and publish research in discreet journals.