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Postgraduate studies in Arabic Language

Postgraduate studies at the department of Arabic Language at the College of Education is newly established according to the Ministerial Order No. (BT5/377) on 16/1/2020 to grant the degree of Master in Arabic language and literature. It seeks to improve the quality of programs and researches for graduates  in accordance with the policy of the department and college and their educational and scientific mission. This will definitely contributes to the service of the society and the educational field and the preparation of an efficient generation with high academic degrees.

The teaching staff:

SpecializationScientific titleInstructure  No.
Modern LinguisticsProf.Dr. Hani Sabri Younis1
Modern LiteratureProf.Dr.Ammar A. Al-Saffar2
Andalusian LiteratureAssist.Prof.Dr.Basma M. Abdullah3
Arabic GrammarAssist.Prof.Dr.Bakir A. Khorsheed4
Modern LiteratureAssist.Prof.Dr.Fatina M. Hussien5
RhetoricsAssist.Prof.Dr.Noori S. Mohammed6
Modern LiteratureLecturerDr.Farah E. Hanna7
Pre-Islamic LiteratureLecturerDr.Hilal M. Jihad8