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Postgraduate Studies in history department

The opening of the degree of master in modern history is of great importance to our university, as it meets the urgent need to expand the scientific base of the department and  university and provide it with scientific qualifications, and to provide the space for employees and graduates of  Al-Hamdaniya University and other universities to complete their higher studies, especially those who reside in nearby areas to the university location.

The Teaching Staff

1- Prof. Hanna A. Behnam (Ph.D)

2- Assist.Prof. Mohammed D. Kareem (Ph.D)

3– Assist.Prof. Shatha F. Rashow (Ph.D)

4– Assist.Prof. Lubna R. Abdulmajeed (Ph.D)

5– Assist.Prof. Mohammed H. Hussien (Ph.D)

6– Assist.Prof. Atlal S. Hanna (Ph.D)

The Required materials for the competitive test;

-The Contemporary History of  Turkey

-Studies in Contemporary and Modern  History of  Iran

– Studies in Contemporary and Modern  History  of  Iraq-

– Studies in Contemporary and Modern History of  Europe

– Studies in Contemporary and Modern History of  USA