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Chemical, Biological and Radiological Safety and Security Division

Maintaining the safety of individuals and property in all university units by taking preventive precautions.

The Message:

Providing safety conditions within the buildings and facilities of the university.


  • Improving the awareness of professors, associates and students regarding chemical, biological and radiological security in the university’s laboratories through holding specialized workshops in the field of improving chemical, biological and radiological security, holding local and international scientific workshops and conferences, and publishing posters and signs in the university’s laboratories
  • Training on methods and means of circulation and transportation of materials, training on inventory and control of their disbursement to prevent their diversion and exploitation in terrorist operations, such as training on methods of treatment and disposal of waste within the university and training on first aid cases.
  • Supervising and following up the compliance of the university units and departments with the safety conditions followed.
  • Self-assessment of security weaknesses, which in turn helps to assess the level of risk to which the institution may be exposed.