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Rehabilitation and Development Division

The Rehabilitation and Development Division in Continuing Education is considered one of the important people, and it is responsible for many of the basic tasks in education, whether for beginner or advanced studies. The most important duties of the Development Division can be determined by the following:

. Study the reality of the training needs for education, which includes setting up and designing different courses to meet those needs.
. Holding seminars and workshops that discuss the problems of society and work to find solutions to them.
. Cooperating with other service institutions by setting up health awareness and civil defense courses.
. The exchange of scientific information between the University of Hamdaniya and other universities through the establishment of scientific courses and seminars.
. Establish qualifying courses for new employees.
. Establishing educational and awareness-raising workshops against sectarian thought and racism.
. Communication with the field of work to know the majors and skills required for graduates to refine and develop their talents.

Dr. Azhar Abbas Ashoor
Director of Rehabilitation and Development Division