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University Performance Evaluation Division

One of the most important concerns of almost every institution or organization is its operational or academic misfortune, which is evaluating the performance of its work and its employees, and this is done through certain methods and often it sets mechanisms and strategies, including evaluation forms, and it divides the direct heads in order to identify the general competence of the affiliates and for the purpose of raising the aspects of development in performance.
The performance evaluation process is a process that aims to determine the performance of the affiliate of the institution and introduce him to it and how it should perform his work and design a plan for the development of the worker. The performance evaluation would not only inform the affiliate of the university of his performance level, but also influence the level of their performance in the future.
It is a periodic report that shows the level of individual performance and type of behavior compared to the tasks and duties of the job entrusted to him. It helps officials know the strengths and weaknesses of that individual’s activity. The goal is to address weakness, if any, and to reinforce strengths as well. This concept focuses on actual performance in light of the requirements of his job and the expected accomplishment of his performance.