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Studies, Planning and Scientific Affairs Department


Leadership in the field of higher education and scientific research and striving to develop academic programs with all their administrative and scientific aspects to achieve the goals planned for the future and follow up on their implementation.

The Message:

Providing high-quality education and learning, adopting analytical and critical thinking strategies to qualify human resources cognitively, intellectually, and skillfully in a competitive, creative environment, and defining unified frameworks for work that are compatible with the challenges of the times.


  • Raising the level of scientific knowledge by developing the infrastructure at the educational and research levels and excelling in teaching and learning strategies in all academic programs.
  • Contributing to the development of short, medium and long-term strategic plans to implement the goals with the least effort and the shortest time.
  • Adopting the highest evaluation standards in the institutional and programmatic fields with the aim of achieving the requirements of comprehensive quality management and improving the university’s position in local and international classifications.
  • Keeping pace with scientific and technical progress by developing quality educational plans and curricula that contribute to the formation of academic and research cadres capable of contributing to community service.
  • Qualifying students to provide them with the applied skills needed by the labor market by providing advanced scientific, research and computer laboratories, in addition to equipping English language laboratories with modern technologies.
  • Applying the university performance quality assurance system to all aspects of the college in order to control its educational and research outcomes, which will gain it the trust of the community and other educational institutions.
  • Instilling bonds of harmony and building a culture of coexistence and the principles of mutual respect, sincerity and credibility in order to achieve a distinguished role for the university as a leadership institution in society.
  • Developing academic programs, updating their outcomes, and activating the culture of sustainable learning in a way that contributes to enhancing the personal, social, academic, and professional capabilities and skills of students with the aim of improving the standard of life for society and achieving sustainable development goals.
  • Preparing and publishing valuable scientific research through research plans adopted by the research committees in the college’s scientific departments, which contribute to solving practical problems at the local and international levels.
  • Providing consultations and scientific and research studies to solve technical and practical problems for beneficiaries of governmental and private institutions.