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University President

University of Hamdaniya University of the beautiful Iraqi spectrum includes in its arms all components of the Iraqi people, Muslims, Christians and Yazidis of all sects and nationalities of Arabs, Kurds, Shabak, Turkmen and Kakieh, led by students from all over Iraq in a beautiful spot of the land of Iraq known as the Nineveh Plain. Created by order of the Ministry of higher Education and Scientific Research on 23/2/2014 by two faculties: education, administration and economy, after the nucleus emerged from the womb of the University of Mosul after the cowardly terrorist strike of students in the Nineveh Plain on the morning of 2/5/2010, and since that date the university seeks all its staff to make its way toward stability and prominence, despite the difficulties and setbacks experienced by the country and reflected on the reality of the development of the university, and the most severe faced by the university was the control of the forces of darkness (ISIS and others to understand) on the region and the university to suffer the pain of displacement and diaspora and the narrow place, but soon it was able to rise again with the vigor and determination of its staff and teaching, after God released the people of Nineveh by freeing it from the hands of the anomaly of the age, the university returned to its mother place thanks to the arms of heroes and the blood of martyrs filled with the students, to continue its journey in the development and advancement at the scientific and administrative levels, and were able to combine the efforts of its employees to make a qualitative shift in the university culminated in the following:

  • Restructuring the university in all its details according to scientific and administrative efficiency away from sectarian and political trends.
  • Opening internal sections in Bartella district after the university students lived in the internal departments of Mosul University .
  • Creating infrastructure and an educational environment for all the joints of the university in a manner consistent with the nature of the university work in terms of administrative and teaching, as new buildings were rented to accommodate new students, opening classrooms, buying all laboratory supplies and developing and maintaining vital facilities at the university.
  • Holding joint memoranda of cooperation with Iraqi, Arab and international universities, as well as organizing social and sports activities, holding workshops, seminars, conferences, communicating with Iraqi and regional universities and opening up to the community.
  • Implementing the government program of the Ministry of higher Education and Scientific Research by applying the curriculum system, quality of education, program accreditation, national classification indicators and international classifications, preparing the continuing education plan, and supporting teachers in publishing research and scientific achievements in global platforms and fields and completing scientific requirements in the field of scientific promotions.
  • Activating e-governance with linking the university formations with electronic programs, and updating the university websites.
  • Acquiring a land area of (80) eighty dunums in Bartella district dedicated to the construction of Hamdaniya University on it, has been fenced, and the university is waiting to approve the budget in 2020 to start building a university city on it.
  • Obtaining official approvals for the reconstruction of the University of Hamdaniya building, as well as a land area of (65) dunums in the Kasbah of Karamlis district of Hamdaniya.
  • The university was able to develop postgraduate studies in the Department of Arabic Language and History after obtaining the required ministerial approvals, as well as it was able to create the Center for Laser and Photonics, the Department of Electronic Calculator, the Unit for gifted Care, the Human Development Unit and other administrative and scientific units.
  • We are working now, God willing, to create colleges and departments that are in line with the requirements of the Iraqi labor market in general and the labor market in the Nineveh Plain in particular to serve the community.

In conclusion, we pledge to God and the homeland to remain loyal soldiers in service to Iraq and the Iraqis and to our beloved university (University of the beautiful Iraqi spectrum).

Prof. Dr. Aqil Yahya Al-Araji
President of the University of Al-Hamdaniya