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University President

The University of Al-Hamdaniya was established on 23/3/2014 in Nineveh Plains, Al-Hamdaniya district, east of Mosul. It started as an affiliate of the University of Mosul in 2011 to book a place later among the Iraqi universities. The University of Al-Hamdaniya consists of two colleges: College of Education including the departments of Arabic Language, History, Geography, Psychology, Physical Education & Sports Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and the College of Administration and Economics including the departments of Business Administration and Accounting.

In 2014, the university passed through difficult circumstances, and the students left it as a result, following the evacuation of their area (like Mosul) after the invasion of ISIS. As a result of this invasion, key university premises were destroyed and the students missed a whole academic year of study. However, thanks be to Allah first and then to its distinguished cadres, the university quickly rose again. With unprecedented vigor and determination, it began the new academic year of 2015/2016 in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, specifically in the building of the Chaldean Ankawa Diocese in Erbil, which portrayed a clear national image of all colors of the Iraqi spectrum, Then the university moved back to its main location in the district of Hamdaniya immediately after the liberation and the academic year of 2017 – 2018 was the Year of Glorious Victory, not only in the battlefields, but in the classrooms that have witnessed a huge turnout of students from the Iraqi governorates, especially from southern Iraq. Facing all these challenges, we appreciate the efforts of the staff of the university who were able to deal wisely with the challenges and overcome post-war consequences.

After returning to its headquarters in the district, the University of Al-Hamdaniya is working today to raise awareness, promote the positive and serious interaction with the community, direct response to the labor market, and the adoption of the productive university policy as well as the adoption of the concepts of quality and international accreditation. It has also pursued openness to Iraqi universities through the participation of its teaching and administrative staff in festivals, conferences and scientific seminars, and by hosting those cadres to participate in various activities at the university.

In accordance with all these principles, the administrative team of the University of Al-Hamdaniya seeks to make the university the best among its peers. The university also adopts the strategy of creating new colleges, departments and graduate studies, and developing curricula, scientific research and opening scientific and research centers that will contribute to sustainable development according to the application of the national classification regulations.

We do not forget the great support of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to move forward in clear steps.

Prof. Dr. Aqil Yahya Al-Araji
President of the University of Al-Hamdaniya