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University President Assistant for Administrative Affairs

Since the first spark of establishing Al_ Hamdaniya University at Nineveh Center for Research and Development, (as I was its director in 2005) and the outcome of the bloody bombing that targeted buses of the university students of Baghdida / Qara Qosh in 2/5/2010, great efforts have been made to lead to the birth of the College of Education of Hamdaniya to be included within the colleges of Mosul University,
Al-Hamdaniya College of Education graduated the first batch of its students from 2013-2014, which was wonderful in all educational, academic and cognitive standards. However, the attack of the forces of darkness in June 2014 ravaged Nineveh Plain and led to the displacement of its inhabitants and the newly born university. Those who were responsible for this institution start with determination with the help of the Syriac and Chaldean dioceses in Ainkawa, Nineveh Provincial Council and Erbil governorate to establish an alternative site for the university in Ainkawa at the expense of the patron of the Chaldean Diocese, His Eminence, Bishop Bashar Warda.
We were proud to graduate the second batch of Al-Hamdaniya University in 2015-2016, despite the many serious difficulties. The university will continue its mission by the willingness of its presidency, its administrators, its teachers and its students, and it is keen to provide the Iraqi society with scientific and administrative qualifications, and God is the guardian of success.

Prof.Anis  Behnam Na’om (Ph.D)
Administrative Assistant of the University President